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Every time you’re in a public restroom, you’ve probably noticed the signs that discourage flushing your used feminine products down the toilet bowl. However, the convenience of simply flushing a tampon or pad down the bowl makes it a strongly tempting idea nevertheless, making you ask: “can you flush this, actually?” Here’s why you can’t flush tampons or pads down the toilet.

What Do Tampon Brands Say?

Let’s talk about the tampon. Even tampon brands actively discourage users from flushing their tampons down the toilet. If you take a look at any box of tampons, none of them will ever tell you to flush your tampons or to recycle them, and for good reason. Proper tampon disposal when you’re in public saves your fellow public restroom users from coming across a bloody, clogged toilet that’s all choked up with used tampons. Hence, while flushing your used tampon down the toilet bowl seems like a mess-free idea at first glance, it can end up being the more embarrassing option, making it an unwise decision.

What are the Consequences?

Besides what tampon brands say, there are other consequences that the seemingly inconsequential act of flushing a tampon can bring. Tampons being flushed can lead to plumbing blockages, which may seem like an easy fix at first. However, this can lead to sewage backflows, which is not only an expensive issue to solve but can be a genuine health hazard, especially in public. Would you want to handle the mess of a bloodied, messed-up toilet? We didn’t think so. Hence, it is only considerate to throw your tampons away rather than flush them.

Tampon flushing can lead to further complications with how wastewater treatment facilities and septic systems react to it. Tampons don’t break down easily like toilet paper does, which causes clogs that can damage wastewater treatment equipment. The problem with this, in the long run, is that it can harm environments that benefit from wastewater treatment infrastructures such as clean rivers and streams, and the communities that use them.

Exercising Proper Tampon Disposal Etiquette

Make good use of those little trash cans most women’s restrooms have. While you may not have a blood-borne disease, there’s always the risk factor of exposing someone else to your bodily fluids. Hence, we emphasize the importance of wrapping up your tampons neatly and disposing of them where they should, a bonus being that it helps you to maintain some discretion too. Wrap your used tampons in some toilet paper, dispose of it safely, and it’s good to go! Tampon applicators can also be disposed of in the same way. There are also period products on the market like SNUCS storage pouches that make tampon and pad disposal even easier. Whether you’re in a public restroom or a shared restroom in your home or workspace, others sharing the space with you will appreciate the fact that you’ve kept the toilet bowl mess-free and choke-free.

Why Choose Odor-Sealed Pouches from SNUCS Inc.?

The best, most considerate way to dispose of your tampons and pads is by using odor-sealed pouches from SNUCS Inc. Our double-chamber closures ensure an odor-free experience when disposing of your used feminine products, allowing you to leave public restroom stalls with sheer confidence!

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