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Whether you’ve had your first period only a while ago, or you’ve had more than enough cycles for the novelty to wear off, it’s safe to say that periods are a bloody pain. If you have a daughter, niece, or any other young girl in your life at the cusp of womanhood, you can help her prepare for the worst by gifting her a period bag loaded with essential period products!

What is a Period Bag?

To put it simply, it’s the period product equivalent to a first-aid kit! A period bag is a small bag or pouch that contains every item a girl on her first period needs to deal with, which keeps her fully prepared for her period even when it takes her by surprise. This period bag should be able to fit inside the girl’s school bag, locker, or other convenient location, so that she can access it immediately once Aunt Flo visits. The ease of access tackles the unpredictability of one’s first period, and having ample period essentials ensures that she can get through the entire day with no problems whatsoever.

Does She Need a Period Bag Now?

A young girl should be headed towards her first period when she’s showing other signs of puberty, such as:

  • Breasts starting to grow.
  • Starting to experience white vaginal discharge.
  • Ingrown pubic hair.

A general rule of thumb is that the average girl menstruates for the first time at 12 years old.

Are Period Bags Necessary?

Period bags are an important tool that many women make to support their younger counterparts in the process of attaining womanhood, such as their daughters, sisters, or nieces. A period bag goes a long way in alleviating period-related worries. Period bags can help a young girl feel less stressed about her period coming, and save her from the embarrassment of staining herself on what’s supposed to be a monumental day. A young girl’s first period is a long-lasting memory, so a positive start will help her to view her period and other aspects of her femininity more positively in the future too.

What Should Be in a Period Bag?

Period bags should act as a replacement guide for the young girl in your life to follow when an adult guardian is unavailable. Thus, you can’t go wrong with packing the following:

  • Sanitary pads: Sanitary pads are the ideal first period product for a girl’s first period. They’re more approachable and easy to understand compared to tampons and menstrual cups, which can be intimidating.
  • Extra underwear: A fresh pair of panties can be a lifesaver in public situations, preventing any embarrassing accidents from occurring.
  • Literary guides: A short, easy guide that introduces the contents of the period bag for easy comprehension.
  • Extra goodies: Some hand sanitizer and wet wipes, along with any other period products you want to include that’ll be helpful in a period emergency!

Why Every Girl Needs Storage Pouches from SNUCS Inc.

We at SNUCS Inc. suggest adding our storage pouches to your list of period products for your period bag! These disposable pouches are perfect for period product disposal, helping beginners to learn period product etiquette.

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