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Disposing of sanitary napkins can be an unpleasant, difficult process that’s hardly enjoyable for any pad user. Not only is it a bloody affair, but the taboo that surrounds the topic of menstruation in general also makes it even worse. This may discourage you from taking all that effort to handle your period products properly at home, but following sanitary napkin disposal etiquette is rewarding in its own way.

Why Should You Dispose of Sanitary Napkins Properly?

There’s an entire slew of reasons why you should exercise proper sanitary napkin disposal, speaking strictly for yourself, you should keep in mind that used sanitary napkins can give off a bad odor, and even attract pests such as flies. The exposed blood could also act as breeding grounds for nasty bacteria. Proper sanitary napkin disposal also benefits others around you too! If you’re sharing a house, it’s only considerate to keep your used sanitary napkins wrapped up neatly, as many wouldn’t want to be in close quarters with someone else’s bodily fluids.

Separate Sanitary Napkins from Regular Trash

Most households have their own garbage sorting systems they swear by, but ensure that rolled sanitary napkins stay separated from the other pieces of trash such as your dry and wet waste. This is because they’re a biohazard in how they contain your bodily fluids. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of arranging an extra bin for your sanitary napkins, you can instead place a disposable lining inside your bin, which you can collect the used napkins inside and separate from the rest of your trash.

Fold and Wrap Your Sanitary Napkins

The sticky backing of a sanitary napkin is useful for both application and disposal. After peeling off your sanitary napkin, fold it and wrap it in material such as the plastic cover of your new sanitary napkin, or toilet paper, or to be extra discreet, both! This helps to keep flies and other pests away, as well as keep yourself discreet and free from embarrassment. Alternatively, you could also use period products that help with sanitary napkin disposal, such as SNUCS®, to make the disposal process easy and mess-free.

Use a Covered Bin

You should throw away your used sanitary napkin into a trash can with a secure lid, which can ward away pests and prevent unpleasant odors from filling the restroom area. Furthermore, it can keep curious guests such as pets and children away from digging around the trash too much. Ensure that you properly dispose of your used sanitary napkin in a bin, rather than flushing them down the toilet bowl, which can lead to a whole other set of problems such as clogs and overflows that can cause a huge inconvenience.

Exercise Proper Napkin Etiquette

Sanitary napkin etiquette just got a whole lot easier with storage pouches from SNUCS Inc. Our storage pouches help to safely wrap your sanitary napkin in a presentable, odorless pouch that keeps you confident even during that time of the month! With our pouches, there is no need to worry about any lingering odors in your restroom!

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