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Your daughter’s first period is one of her many milestones in life as she continues to blossom, so it’s only natural that you’d want to be prepared for it beforehand. However, the times have changed greatly, and it may be confusing to walk around the feminine health aisles with the amount of new technology out there. Here are some first period tips to be a supportive parent to your daughter as she attains womanhood!

#1 – Keep the Basics Well-stocked

It can be overwhelming to see so many different products at the drugstore or grocery store, which begs the question: “Which ones do I actually need?” Thankfully, the answer to this is rather simple. To start, simply stick to the basics: pads and tampons. They’re the most simple and accessible options, so the earlier your daughter can get acquainted with them, the better. Make sure to buy a diverse range of different sizes and types so that your daughter can experiment and conclude which one (or combination) fits her best.

#2 – Consider Your Daughter’s Comfort First

If your daughter is hesitant about using tampons, you can opt to settle for just using pads instead, prioritizing her comfort above all else. To make the process of getting used to menstruation easier, after buying multiple varieties of pads and tampons for your daughter, ask her which options she preferred. Knowing which option your daughter prefers the best helps your daughter to familiarize herself with her flow, and you can rest assured that you’re buying the right brand and type of period product for her on your next grocery run.

#3 – The Tampon Dilemma

Due to tampons’ method of usage, people may wrongly assume that their daughters are “too young” for tampon use. However, tampons don’t have any concrete age limit, being safe for even the youngest of users. They can even be helpful for girls that participate in sports or any other form of physical activity, as pads can feel bulky and therefore uncomfortable for such activities. Tampons may require some extra practice for users to successfully apply to a T, so be approachable and available to lend a hand. Don’t be ashamed to review the tampon box’s instructions either!

#4 – Stay Away from Scented Products

Scented feminine products such as scented pads, tampons, and feminine wipes can seem harmless, perhaps even beneficial at first, but that’s far from the truth. Scented period products have been proven to lead to different problems such as itching, irritation, allergic reactions, and even an increased risk of vaginal infection. Hence, you should try to stay away from purchasing scented products for your daughter to protect her reproductive health. If vaginal odor is the main concern at play, it’s a completely normal aspect that can become noticeably more prominent during one’s period. A good remedy is rinsing the vulva area and using period products such as SNUCS®.

SNUCS® is a revolutionary period product that helps your daughter live out that time of the month more confidently. Using SNUCS® is simple, just pop in your used period products, such as pads, into the odor-sealed pouch and the lingering smells will no longer be a worry!

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