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Nobody has a concrete answer as to whether tampons or pads are definitively better than the other. Both come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, so which one is the choice for you is simply a matter of your personal preference. Here are some reasons why a tampon or pad could be better for you when choosing your period products of choice.

The Case for Pads

These long, absorbent strips that stick to your underwear are the bestselling period products in the American market, making them an extremely popular choice, and it’s no wonder why.  Pads are easy to apply and come in a wide range of types and sizes that leave you spoiled for choice. Furthermore, you can wear them overnight with no worries, and some pad manufacturers sell pads specifically for overnight use. Pads are the more beginner-friendly option, and many tend to start and end their experience with feminine products with pads without exploring other options further, which is completely understandable. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

However, pad users do have some complaints as well. They can be uncomfortable when the user is in movement, shifting out of place, wrinkling, or even worse: sticking to pubic hair. They simply feel bulkier compared to tampons, which makes them less than ideal for athletic folks. Pads also can’t be worn with every type of underwear due to the amount of gusset area they demand, meaning that you’ll have to abandon your cute thongs and other “cheeky” panty designs for the entire duration of your period if you’re a pad user.

The Case for Tampons

These thin cotton plugs that are inserted into your vagina are the second-bestselling type of period products in America, making them a strong contender. While tampons have a seemingly diminutive design compared to other feminine products, they come in many different levels of absorbancy that can accommodate both light and heavy blood flow. Their slim size is just the right fit for not just your vagina, but also your pockets and even your fist, which makes them easy to bring around while remaining discreet. Compared to pads, they’re less bulky to wear as well, which makes them a better fit for people who engage in sports and other forms of physical activity, including swimming! Furthermore, if inserted properly, they’re virtually impossible to notice, which makes them more comfortable than pads that always make themselves known by pressing against your crotch.

However, tampons require some trial and error to figure out as a beginner, as tampon insertion can be awkward and uncomfortable at first. Furthermore, everyone’s flow is different, which means it could take some time (and accidents) to decide on the perfect tampon size and type for yourself. Let’s also not forget the risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) that you’re putting yourself at by using tampons!

SNUCS  Loves Both!

Regardless of which option you choose between tampons and pads, our disposable storage pouches go perfectly with both! Simply pop either your pad or tampon into our disposable storage pouches, use the double-chamber closure to lock in any lingering odor, throw it into any trash can anywhere, or put it in your backpack, purse, or pocket to dispose of at a later time. Whatever makes you comfortable and confident!

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